Progressive - pro·gres·sive /prəˈɡresiv/: noun person dedicated to implementing solutions to the social issues to ensure equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all.

Progressivism - seeking out and implementing the best available solutions to improve the lives of the general population.

When we, as a society, lose our compassion for each other, we leave behind the value of human life. each of us should be interested in giving our neighbors a hand up, not a handout when they are in need.

We must move with forward Progress. Our mission draws a contrast between the message of inclusion and the rhetoric of the Establishment.

This humanitarian revolution currently consists of people of all ages, from 15 to 70+ and everywhere in between. And as our message gets out to the people of our district, we are confident they will feel renewed hope in those of us that have taken up the call to arms, to fulfill our duty to our neighbors, to be the type of people we want to live next to ourselves.

I don't know about you...but I am tired of all the selfishness in the world. I always have been. That's why, when I heard a certain message in 2015, I was drawn to it, just like millions of our brothers and sisters across the nation were.

That dream is not over. It has just begun. We will not let Super PACs and corporate money silence our voices or our votes. The true power is with the people. We must #RevealAndReplace the corrupt corporate leaders in Washington D.C. They tried to douse the flames in the 2016 DNC Primary, but it Berns on through the infernos of our hearts. We Bern with a new passion of hope for the strength of the "common person".