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Our Official Site for the Johnny Akzam Campaign for U.S. House MN-01

This is just the beginning. We have just gotten started. If you would like to join our team and continue with the revolution that erupted among us "ordinary" Americans, please contact us. We are not here to run an Anti-Anything campaign. Everyone is done talking about the wounds from 2015-16.

We must move with #ForwardProgress. Our campaign is going to draw a contrast between our message and the rhetoric of the Establishment. But we are not running against anyone. We are running for ourselves, for our children, and our grandchildren.

This Campaign Committee currently consists of people of all ages, from 16 to 60+ and everywhere in between. And as our message gets out to the people of our district, we are confident they will feel renewed hope in those of us that have taken up the call to arms, to fulfill our duty to our neighbors, to be the type of people we want to live next to ourselves.

I don't know about you...but I am tired of all the selfishness in the world. I always have been. That's why, when I heard a certain message in 2015, I was drawn to it, just like millions of our brothers and sisters across the nation were.

That dream is not over. It has just begun. WE will not let Super PACs and corporate money silence our voices or our votes. The true power is with the people. We must #RevealAndReplace the corrupt corporate leaders in Washington D.C.. They tried to douse the flames in the 2016 DNC Primary, but it Berns on through the infernos of our hearts. We Bern with a new passion of hope for the strength of the "common person".

This campaign is going to join the ballot as an Independent because party politics has become much like religion. In many cases, you are told what to think, what to say, what not to say, who you should like and who you should definitely not like. If you are with this one, you can't talk to that one. It is getting ridiculous.

By keeping out of the parties of politics, we are left to focus on the constituency; the people that are sending us up to Washington to carry the message of WE the People.

Contact OUR Campaign

2414 30th Ave NW Apt C
Rochester, MN 55901
t: 507.272.1262

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Contribute — to the cause any way you can
Observe — your local politicians
March — when and where appropriate
Educate — the People on the Process in their area
Join — your local groups
Obey — laws to ensure OUR message isn’t lost
Inform— the People of the Truth
Never— display hate or violence
Unite— together
Stay — strong no matter the opposition