American Workers Are Getting Ripped Off

It has been no secret that for decades, actually since the dawning of "civilization", big business has built its empire on the backs of exploited labor, either in the form of direct slavery or in wage slavery.

Why we fight. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

In a recent article by New York Magazine, a study is revealed that "American Workers Are Getting Ripped Off".

The value placed on human resources has never been equitable on the mass scale. The larger a company becomes, the more exploitative it becomes to rake in ever-growing profits, in lieu of stabilizing the workforce to perform at their best, under comfortable living standards and financially stressless family lives.

The Solution?

We implement a Federal Jobs Guarantee that sets a public base standard for community driven and administered jobs.

This workaround alleviates the debate over a federally forced minimum wage upon private companies that resist the legislation at every step and invest millions in campaign contributions to save billions in future profits.

The FJG also targets only the need. Jobs are created on the local level by the very people that know what their communities need. Each person gets paid directly from the FJG fund, alleviating middlemen misappropriations. There is a myriad of other benefits that I will share in further writings.

But the impact this will have on the private sector job market is also a positive by-product. Rather than force companies to raise their wages through legislation, they will be forced by the public option standard to meet or beat that baseline to attract employees. Anyone that is unemployed or underemployed will have an option to work for a Living Wage, Medical Benefits, and Paid Leave.

Any company not meeting those bottom standards will likely not keep many employees. In order to stay in operation, they will have to compete and raise their wages, cutting into their bloated executive pay and bonuses and shareholder dividends. Those are the cuts they should have made to keep our economy out of the 'Working Poor' mess it is in. So we create public competition to force their "free market" minds to do the right thing. Any company that doesn't take care of each and every employee that feeds it does not deserve to be in business in a just society.

Furthermore, the FGJobs are not compulsory and statistically will help people get skills or working records they need to make themselves more competitive in the jobs market to get better-paying jobs from companies in the private sector that DO know how to treat their employees but can't get enough skilled workers to fill the spots, due to our broken education and vocational training system.

Workers will stop getting ripped off the minute they have another option. And that option needs to be the Federal Jobs Guarantee.

Image credit: Why we fight. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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