The System

It is not patriotic to create a mass exodus of labor to other countries, and then import the products for consumption, to a consumer population that is being pushed into poverty, more and more each day.

Running a country is not the same as playing a game of Monopoly. That is a game for a reason. There is supposed to be ONE winner. However, that is exactly what we are seeing in this country and globally, with the increased trade deals that leave out the needs of the labor forces across the world. So the entire world is turning into a class gap of the haves and the have nots. What then happens? The poor population grows in number, as the wealthy population shrinks. But this is all temporary. Much like a Supernova, this kind of economic system will begin to collapse in on itself.

As the wealthy hoard the cash and investment capital, the average consumption of products is cut tremendously because the average person can no longer afford to buy items or invest money into anything extra, above daily living necessities. Once the economy hits a “stalemate” of sorts, where the companies can not increase their profits. In an attempt to make profits show on the next report, companies make the insured changes and cut labor, by cutting wages, cutting positions and mass layoffs. This, in turn, perpetuates the decline in consumption, as even more people are thrust into making cutbacks in their spending budgets, even, in many cases, cutting out daily necessities.

So in the charge to arm themselves against losing profits, the companies doom themselves or the taxpayers into picking up the companies’ debt upon implosions. And the companies, continue in this cycle, hoarding even more of the capital they gain, refusing to recycle wealth into the system that they, themselves, rely on for sustenance. You can’t pay people in society hamburger wages and expect them to buy your steaks or even the hamburgers you sell.

Walmart for instance has a perfect racket going on. Literally, it is a business model that blatantly steals from the American people on many levels. First, they keep their workers at just few enough hours to evade any benefits. They offer some of the lowest wages in the industry. When they move into an area, like a huge star colliding with a small solar system, like ours, it gobbles up everything in its path, making it the only option for purchasing standard living necessities. They then take the profits and stash them in tax havens, instead of paying local, state, and federal governments for doing business in these communities. Then, what is worse, is the communities become responsible for subsidizing the Walmart’s workers with social services, just to get food for their families. And where do they buy that food that the government is paying for? They buy it at Walmart, where they get a minimal employee discount. So Walmart is stealing, blatantly, from all levels of society. And not a soul is doing anything about it.

Society is not supposed to be a game of Monopoly. Society is supposed to be a network of interdependent entities that place comparable value to each other for survival. It is not a competition of who can place more value on themselves or their entities. Society is not meant to survive on greed. Furthermore, the success of any society begins with the level of education provided to the youth. It is every person’s and every entity’s responsibility to contribute to and invest in the future of domestic growth. A free market can still exist and can be less regulated, if indeed the market would regulate itself for the true benefits of society.

To truly be united, we must consider every soul with equal value. We must all be responsible, to the extent appropriate, for the basic human needs of every human. The only people that do not have to contribute to this society are those that do not take part in this society. Perhaps a mountain man off the grid or a hermit living in a cave can escape the moral obligation to the rest of humanity. But if you live in a public community of any kind, then you have placed yourself in the very system that you must also help maintain.

Not all people are of equal qualifications or degrees of experience. But ever person has something to offer their communities. And if they don’t seem to, then it is the responsibility of the community to come together and find that person a purpose. There is enough to do in society, that no single person should be without a means to contribute. And as a society, in turn, we live as interdependents, seeing to it that everyone, regardless on their level of contribution to their society, is able to have a minimal standard of living that does not leave them in poverty.

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