Validating Our Campaign

Currently we are building trust with the community in various different ways. On this page, you can find some options to validate our campaign online.

Or if you prefer, you can contact the campaign directly, usually Johnny himself with respond to you, and answer any questions you have about his positions, issue stances, policy positions and what we plan on doing with contributions.

More to Come!

Please check back periodically to this page, as we include more sources of validation.

We Respect Your Caution!

We know how important it is we build and maintain your trust as supporters. Please don't hesitate to ask us anything.

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    FEC Requirements

    Visit the Federal Elections Commission website HERE.

    In the Search field enter "Johnny Akzam".

    Select the Filing option and Click the Get Listing button.

  • favicon Requirements

    You have to have registered with the FEC and have an IRS EIN# to get approved for CrowdPac. I think that is part of why people use it rather than GoFundMe.

    Visit their site and locate the Candidate information section. 

  • Facebook Requirements

    Facebook also requires proof of FEC Registration Filings or ballot access before they will verify a page as a Political Candidate.

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    The Green Papers

    The Green Papers has long been a place for research and updated candidate and election information. 

    You can find our campaign listing in the CD1 section on THIS PAGE.