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Candidate for U.S. Congress
Minnesota Congressional District 1

Johnny (left) visiting his fiance, Rovelyn (right), in the Philippines, August 2015.

Johnny is:

  • a Candidate with a Contract, and Contract For American Renewal (CFAR) Candidate
  • Pledging to forfeit his federal healthcare, until Single-Payer is passed for all,
  • on the National leadership team of Our Voice USA,
  • Founding member of CURE (Communities United for Rochester Empowerment) - willingly stepped down from board to campaign,
  • Founding Member Our Revolution MN and aiding in the construction of Democratic Socialists of America groups organized in all welcome areas of the first congressional district.

    After attending the People's Summit in June of 2017, the campaign and the mission took on new focus and direction. Bernie Sanders is giving the Democratic Party one last chance at being the Party of the People. This campaign has mixed feelings about how that may turn out. However, as Progressives, we are driven by love and respect for humans of all walks of life. We are encouraged by the engagement of the young generation, to bring upon us an age of Social Justice and Economic Stability. 

    Johnny believes that the 2018 midterms will not be a referendum on Donald Trump. This upcoming election will be a referendum on the Democratic Party that has failed to live up to its name and purpose: being the Voice of the People.

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