Economic Accountability

Economics is the most important aspect of a Congressperson's job.

A theory of Economic Accountability may be simply understanding the net impact any business has on the community that feeds it. We understand that there has to be balance in all things. The natural world depends on it as much as our social world, which truly are not far removed from one another. Currency is an arbitrary reflection to indicate value. The true value, however, lies in the resources it represents. The main purpose of business is to consolidate the needs of people into easy to acquire packages. Gathered, if you will. Created. Manufactured. Often, early adopters have the leverage over late comers to any potential success. Or innovators are squeezed out my the giants over them. It is easy to become a victim of capital "divestment".

In 1944, FDR gave his State of the Union Address to Congress, including in it, what he referred to as the Second Bill of Rights. An Economic Bill of Rights.

Among these, he included the right to a "remunerative job". With all there is to do in our society to keep it going, on local, State and Federal levels, there is no reason, we can't transform our failed Unemployment Departments into Employment Departments.

Where the Private sector fails to provide a Living Wage to capable working citizens, the Jobs Guarantee Program will provide them with immediate work.

The jobs in the Program pay a "decent living", a Living Wage. for those that need retraining, the program puts them through the training and education they need to fill the position that suits them.

"The Job Guarantee" featuring Pavlina Tcherneva from Jacobin on Vimeo.

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