Open Letter to Minnesotans

Dear Minnesotans,

You do realize that Congress makes decisions that affect the entire nation, right? So when you ask me what am I going to do for Minnesota, or how am I going to bring jobs to Minnesota or how am I going to enact social justice in Minnesota, you realize that is an egocentric view at what a Congressperson does (or should be doing).

You can't expect a U.S. Congressperson to go up to D.C. and try to pass laws that will only benefit his or her own state. They do that now, I'm sure. But that isn't what they are supposed to do.

Any Congressional candidate that promises his or her specific state enhancements, that don't benefit the country as a whole, are either lying or willing to act in an unethical way to provide favor for their state over the rest in the Union.

States compete for resources. Those are state issues.

The responsibility of the Federal Government is to see to it that State and Local governments have access to the funds for basic human needs, soon a Jobs Guarantee program, infrastructure spending and an overall fair environment for States to build their own communities to be appealing to businesses and people to want be a part.

The other main purpose of the Federal Government is to provide security for the union and oversight for what should be Equal Human Rights and Equal Justice Under Law.

Congress' focus is making sure ALL the states have the ability to keep their own promises, while not violating anyone's rights. The better states can manage their own governments, as Minnesota has been able to do, in comparison to others, the less the Federal Government has to legislate.

The federal Government also has a responsibility to NOT restrict rights itself, in ways that are in opposition to the majority of the State's will. (i.e. Cannabis prohibition) So in Congress, we should remove restrictions like that, to give states the ability to act in line with the will of their populace.

Understand what our limitations are and what our powers are. Your state and local politicians are responsible for cultivating the State's best interest. Congress should only make sure the state can do and does do that.


Johnny Akzam

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