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American Workers Are Getting Ripped Off

It has been no secret that for decades, actually since the dawning of “civilization”, big business has built its empire on the backs of exploited labor, either in the form of direct slavery or in wage slavery. Why we fight. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images In a recent article by New York Magazine, a study is…

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Open Letter to Minnesotans

Dear Minnesotans, You do realize that Congress makes decisions that affect the entire nation, right? So when you ask me what am I going to do for Minnesota, or how am I going to bring jobs to Minnesota or how am I going to enact social justice in Minnesota, you realize that is an egocentric…

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Original Draft – FDR Fundraiser Dinner

Two local Minnesota DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) units put on an annual fundraiser in the namesake of FDR. Originally, the speech time was set to 4 minutes. It later got cut to 2 minutes, so the speech got cut quite a bit as well. Following is the original speech, including the first part, reciting FDR himself, in…

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Fountain of U.S. Economics

Working Analogy in Progress Trying to figure out the U.S. economy and the flow of currency can be a monumental task for anyone not familiar with Modern Monetary Theories of macroeconomics. I’m by no means an expert economist. But I’m friends with a few, and I have contact with a few more. Through my own…

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Candidates With A Contract (CWAC)

When the People have been let down for so long they can no longer trust, they will resort to any means necessary to restore order and hold public employees accountable to their words and actions. If we candidates are serious about the social justice and political reform the People need, then we should be willing…

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I am NOT a Politician…I am a free man!

In a FB thread, someone referred to me as a politician, because I’m running for office. Following is the original video that was shared in the post. I can’t embed the actual post because it is in a group. This happened to be in a Bernie group, so my response was thus: MY Original Comment…

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