I am NOT a Politician…I am a free man!

In a FB thread, someone referred to me as a politician, because I’m running for office. Following is the original video that was shared in the post. I can't embed the actual post because it is in a group. This happened to be in a Bernie group, so my response was thus:

MY Original Comment to the post in the group: "This is absolutely a Constitutional violation. This video and all the others should be submitted as evidence in a Lawsuit against this police department and the instigator.

When I get elected, I will help bring about national oversight of law enforcement violations.

The 400 year history of unfairly policing of NON-Whites had got to end...and it must end in MY lifetime."

Reply by member: "You made a mistake by admitting you are a politician. But nothing will happen. I haven't left the US because my husband does not want to. I am afraid really afraid."

ME: “I’m not a politician. I’m just a Bernie Supporter, like you. I just decided to answer his call and stand up for the values he fought for and that the movement is still about.

I’m hoping that this movement isn’t just a bunch of crap and people will really run and others will vote them into office.

I’m running as an Independent, because I can’t find Party politics appealing. I find it divisive. I want to work with anyone that wants to find solutions.

I have always felt like Bernie. I just didn’t think anyone else did, until he #WOKE people up and I saw this great force of people just like me out there that love each other and want to care for each other.

That’s what I’m about. So yeah…not really a politician.”

That is exactly what happened and what has driven my run for office. I have thought about this my entire life, but didn’t believe ‘I’ was worthy of such an honor as representing and entire segment of our population.

I thought you had to be a Harvard graduate. But I don’t even know anyone that went to Harvard. So how could someone like that really represent me anyway?

We must stop manufacturing politicians and become the leaders we want to have represent us.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and anyone who does is a bold faced liar. I can promise I will listen to everyone fairly. I will show respect for everyone’s point of view. However, I will always make decisions based on what is best for everyone…not just the few.

If someone’s viewpoint is that I should pass a law that violates someone else’s human, civil and equal rights, I will have to side with the Universal Principles of Goodness. If it doesn’t pass a simple Golden Rule test…the viewpoint needs to be reconsidered.

We can do this together as We the People, if we stand up for what we believe in and stand behind those we trust to carry those values to Washington.

p.s. Bonus points given to the first person that can associate the parody of the title…tick tock.

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