Bernard’s Dream

(This post was originally written shortly before the 2016 Democrat's Convention.)
I’m sure, as a young Polish boy in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders never even once dreamed of performing upon the global stage he now perches. He certainly has made a name for himself and, more importantly, his purposes. Senator Bernard “Bernie” Sanders has done much more than just run a campaign. He has ignited the #Movement in all of us.

Many people won’t understand this concept because they don’t have the gene — the agape-gene. But for those of us that have it born into us, we know it when we see it. What is more important is that we know when it’s being faked. It’s a gut feeling that can not even be shared with those closed off to the gene. And I sincerely feel sorry for them because they will never really know true happiness. But I digress…we are here to talk about what has already been happening.

In the past year we have seen an enormous rise in the voices of the “common” person. I use quotes because I’m not sure what that means. What is an “ordinary” American anyway? It sounds like they are talking about cattle. I wrote the Sanders2016 Campaign and told them he should use a line in his speeches…
…something like:

“I’ve heard some of the other candidates running for President, on both sides of the isle, say they are for the ‘ordinary American’. But I’m here to tell you today that you are not ordinary Americans. You are all extraordinary Americans. You have shown the extraordinary passion that founded this country. I look out among the diverse crowds of supporters, from New york to Los Angeles — and from [Current State] to [State Furthest from it] — and I don’t see ordinary people. I SEE EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE. And that is exactly the kind of commitment and passion that is going to get us the nomination, the election and then the kind of country that values every citizen’s right — not just the rights of the few.”

Anyway, they never got back to me. Their loss. But that does hit on a very key point. Bernie Sanders has been saying to people that they are not just “ordinary”; that they have the power to make change happen. And soon people of this common thread of humanity and agape love started to coalesce. Everything that young Bernard Sanders felt during that modest upbringing in Brooklyn, NY started shining from within others. I have felt the way Bernie Sanders feels my whole life. Unfortunately, no one would listen. But now! Someone was not only listening; he was leading? Leading in all the ways I have dreamed a society should be leading in: Education #1, Health Care (Universal of course — nothing less with do), fighting corporate greed…and the list goes on.

He was saying all of it. He wasn’t even leaving anything out. And the snowball began. Bernie Sanders has always said that “this campaign is not about Bernie Sanders. It is about bringing millions of people into the political system to create a political revolution.” And he is right. We have all seen the Democrat’s Party betray everyone, during this entire election process. But we are still standing. Why is that? Is it because Bernie is in the lead? Not anymore. And when July, 29 2016 comes upon us (which happens to be my birthday), we will know if we have been successful in fighting The System from within or not. You see, that is what Bernie is waiting for.


Bernie Sanders knows exactly what has been going on behind the scenes. And there is little he or we can do about moving those things along. We are aware of the wikileaks claims about more emails, we know there are many lawsuits in motion over voter fraud by the #DNC and collusion with the Hillary Clinton Campaign. And my goodness…what else can we pile on here…

So it is not so obvious to the Main Stream Media why Senator Bernie Sanders is still considering his candidacy alive and well, but to normal thinking people, we see the writing on the wall. So we are in this fight to the end.

Now then, having said that, we have to think ahead. Let’s assume I don’t have an extremely happy birthday on July 29th, 2016. And let’s say the evil queen walks away with it, as anticipated. What do you think Bernie Sanders is going to do? Just because he says he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November, that is assuming she is there to vote for. Watch any of the clips and see how he chooses his words. He isn’t endorsing because he hasn’t given up.

He always sways the conversation back to not letting Trump get elected. He is in this. And I bet you tons of dough, he is doing more behind the scenes than you know about. He is in this to win this. He is conceding the conversation to the media to shut them the hell up. The media keeps trying to corner him into giving up and making the exclusive breaking news that he officially endorses Hillary Clinton. He will not relent. He’s too frickin’ old. What does he have to lose? His political career? Shit man this is it! It is literally do or die…LOL…ok not that bad…but you get the point. He has nothing to lose. If he lost his Senate seat tomorrow, he would be able to lead the movement even further. But we won’t get ahead of ourselves.

In turn, let’s not forget about the turmoil on the GOP side with the #NeverTrump movement. He may not be the GOP nominee and may end up running on his own. That really shakes things up. So we have that.

Bernie Sanders has every bit of the soul and essence of #OurRevolution. He has had the balls to stand up and say and do something about it. He has rallied the yearning cry within all of us that seek equality and justice and liberty for everyone upon our shores and abroad. We are all brothers and sisters. No organization or entity or group or “party” can conceal the light that shines in each and every one of us, as we carry the message of peace, prosperity and equality to all mankind.

I will leave you with this latest clip of our figurehead, talking to one of my other favorite people Stephen Colbert.

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