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The Self Inflicted

The simple idea that we, as humans, have somehow evolved, through the advent of “civilization,” glosses over millennia of hierarchal domination over billions of other humans, which is necessary for those few to maintain their version of “civilization.” Why do masses of humans forfeit their lives to the domination of others, only to live horribly torturous…

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The Paradox of Progress in America

FORWARD Someone dug up a copy of a college English Final that Johnny wrote in 2002. The purpose of the final was simply to write a concept paper that could serve as a model for proper grammar techniques. The subject matter was optional. We have decided to publish it as a verification on policy positions.…

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Bernard’s Dream

(This post was originally written shortly before the 2016 Democrat’s Convention.) I’m sure, as a young Polish boy in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders never even once dreamed of performing upon the global stage he now perches. He certainly has made a name for himself and, more importantly, his purposes. Senator Bernard “Bernie” Sanders has done much…

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The System

It is not patriotic to create a mass exodus of labor to other countries, and then import the products for consumption, to a consumer population that is being pushed into poverty, more and more each day. Running a country is not the same as playing a game of Monopoly. That is a game for a…

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The Problem With Black Lives Matter

There has been a great deal of controversy over the Black Lives Matter movement (#BlackLivesMatter), especially in recent weeks, with highly publicized cop shooting deaths of black men and police killings, during a peaceful and joint march for solidarity. With this controversy has come the spattering of complaints about the BLM movement across the nation, as…

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