The Self Inflicted

The simple idea that we, as humans, have somehow evolved, through the advent of "civilization," glosses over millennia of hierarchal domination over billions of other humans, which is necessary for those few to maintain their version of "civilization." Why do masses of humans forfeit their lives to the domination of others, only to live horribly torturous and sufferable lives? Slavery is not a United States original. As long as humans have recorded history, there have been humans, who have enslaved other humans as their own property. To many, it's unimaginable to be owned by another human, yet today, believe it or not, in our very own country, the remnants of slavery remain and the binds that tie people down to lives of servitude still exists. Not the underground criminals that traffic humans in the shadows of mainstream reality. No, these lords operate in plain sight and with a great deal of admiration and reverence.

The inner struggle for power and control within the human makes it hungry for more. But a single human can only harvest so much of the natural resources that bring it wealth. Isn't that what human existence has boiled down to? How many more natural resources or potential natural resources can one human have over others? Find that mark, and you will find the pinnacle of contentment. But, alas, there is no finite number. Along with the infinite human imagination also lurks the potential desire for infinite domination. What drives the latter? A sickness of the mind? A deficiency of the human spirit? A failure to connect with a benevolent deity? Whatever the answer, it is clear, there aren't as many of those humans as there are humans that are peaceful and kind and content with being fed, sheltered and clothed. This is not my opinion. this is evident historical fact. If there were more of them, they couldn't survive, as they feed of the masses to amass their wealth and power. Also, humans would have long killed themselves out, if the dominant species characteristic was to savagely plunder from each other.

So, then, why do we exist in a world where we allow so much suffering to go on around us and pretend like there is nothing that can be done? If there are more people in the world that believe in the love of neighbor and that we are all one family, then why is it only a few of our dirty uncles (and a few aunts) are consistently holding the majority of the world in an ongoing campaign of suffering? We have seen millions march in the streets in protests, only to go unanswered by elected officials. What is worse, poor people, who are also lacking in facts, continue to present themselves and their picks for leaders betray them, as they excuse the behavior to grant themselves immunity from the calamity they have bestowed. Farmers weep over the crop returns while standing firm on being tough.

What complacency and apathy have befallen us?

There is a never-ending crusade to pit human resources against one another, in order to show them as incompetent and in need of Rulership--not guidance and organization--the power to create and destroy. Not one single individual, who has gained any measure of secular wealth, has done so as a single individual. NEVER! Material success of any human relies solely on its interdependence with its own species. Given that, why does the rest of the species allow it?

Humans have not evolved beyond the primal animal instincts that keep them enslaved to their fellows. If a falsehood can capitulate the masses, to accept suffering in this life as a reward in an afterlife, or force can bring about so much fear as to institutionally convince some that they are inferior, by design, then the true free human spirit is nonexistent. The moment one human accepts the dominance of another over it, it lives in servitude. That servitude may be direct, in the form of blatant slavery ownership or in the form of inferior complacency.

The Mass feeds this machine. it allows it to exist. it invites it into its home and welcomes it to educate their children. And so goes another generation of knowing one's place in society. The Mass teaches its own that it has no power, by repeating the very rhetoric orchestrated by the Rulership. The Mass becomes convinced that every ill perpetrated upon them is due to the fairytales told by the magistrates of the ruling elite.


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